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Handcrafted from the ground up

The best drinks aren't just made, they're grown.


Grown in Illinois with Irish Roots

Inspired by Irish brewing and distilling style, Silver Tree takes their home-grown grains and turns them into Illinois alcohol with an Irish twist.


How three brothers turned brewers/distillers.






Our spirits are handcrafted from the ground up. From pollination to pour, grain to glass, seed to spirit; our hands have been involved in the process to deliver you premium, artesanal drinks. 

Coming from a farming background, we know the value of hard work, but most importantly the reward. When we see a group kicking back and enjoying themselves over one of our small batch spirits, we know we did a job well done. 

The craft beer phase has taken over America, and our beers are as craft as they can get. We start by planting the grains and using local hops from our friends at Land Locked Hops, located just a few miles up the road, then brew over good conversation with great friends. 

Our beers are currently limited release and only available for a short time. Follow us on social media below to find out where you can try our tasty beverages. 

Our grains just so happen to be home-grown straight from our certified organic, 5th generation family farm in East-Central Illinois. 

We put care and precision in our sustainable farming practice because we believe that the best drinks come from the best grains.

Contact us if you're a brewer or distiller interested in using our quality grains. 




Dallas Glazik


The youngest of the Glazik brothers, and the jokester, Dallas studied Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois and specializes in soil and water conservation. Dallas likes to spend his free time trying new beers and researching alcohol recipes to come up with Silver Tree's next big product.

Will Glazik

Director of Sales

The oldest, and the one that first started making alcohol while also making biofuels, Will studied Crop Science at the University of Illinois and currently is an organic farmer that specializes in cover crops. You can find him at crop conferences and conventions all over the Midwest.

Clayton Glazik

Chief Marketing Officer

The middle brother, Clay, is the man behind the brand. He studied Advertising at the University of Illinois then went to graduate school in Chicago where he polished his creative advertising chops. He has worked as a marketer, advertiser and graphic designer. 



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